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REACH Client Melissa Jefferson First In Family to Graduate from College

Three REACH Family Self-Sufficiency Program graduates completed their LPN training at Treasure Coast Technical College in December, Terkedria Henderson, Crunesha Neighbors, and Melissa Jefferson.

Im really excited and proud to be the first person on my mothers side of the family to graduate from college. said Melissa Jefferson.

Prior to registering for EOCs REACH Program, Melissa had her high school diploma was working at the hospital transporting patients. It was working at the hospital where she became interested in pursuing a career as a nurse. It was also at the hospital where she met her new husband, a RN at the hospital. He encouraged her to pursue a career in nursing. He began his career digging graves and has worked his way through nursing school. said Melissa.

Melissa heard about the REACH Program through a friend and applied. I was reluctant to apply, said Melissa, but I am so glad I did. The financial support provided by EOC took away so much stress from my life and allowed me to focus on my studies.

Now that she has graduated, Melissa plans to take her nursing boards and then return to school to become an RN. Both she and her husband plan to continue their education and pursue careers as Nurse Practitioners.

Often, all people need is to be pointed in the right direction and given some financial and morale support, said Angela Davis-Green, Executive Director of EOC. We are so proud of the accomplishments of all our REACH graduates.

REACH clients earn GEDs, become phlebotomists, medical assistants, nurses, HVAC Techs, childcare workers, welders, and more. Some are able to complete Associate and Bachelor degrees.

For more information, please contact REACH Program Director, Wendy Grow, by calling 772-562-4177 Ext. 1113, or sending an email to Wendy at