Emergency Assistance

For many, the way out of poverty begins with a decision to live a new way. For others, an emergency has resulted in a no-way-out situation. But, for all who want to strive for economic self-sufficiency, the Economic Opportunities Council is here to help.

We work to cure the root causes of poverty, not just treat the symptoms.

We help our clients to:

  1. Help our clients achieve long-term self-sufficiency
  2. Provide Emergency Assistance
  3. Help our clients better manage income and expenses
  4. Educate clients on understanding poverty and building resources for a better life
  5. Help our clients secure and maintain housing
  6. Provide client support and case management
  7. Prepare at-risk children for success in school and in life
  8. Educate parents on early childhood development
  9. Identify children’s disabilities at an early age
  10. Connect families with community resources
  11. Improve health and nutrition
  12. Create linkages among anti-poverty programs
woman with bills

We help people help themselves. We work to break the cycle of poverty not with giveaways but with programs and services designed to provide real and meaningful movement towards self-sufficiency.

To be eligible for Emergency Rent or Mortgage Assistance you must:

  • Meet household poverty income guidelines of 125%
  • Have a documented “crisis” of why assistance is needed (i.e. medical expenses, lost job, car repairs, etc.)
  • Be able to sustain rent or mortgage once crisis has been alleviated by the agency
  • Have lived in your home at least 6 months
  • Complete paperwork & provide documentation of income
  • Not be receiving Subsidized Housing
  • Have not received assistance with any other local agency in the past 2 years

To be eligible for Emergency Food Assistance you must be applying for SNAP (Food Stamps) for the first time in a 3 year period; recertification clients are not eligible. You must:

  • Meet household poverty income guidelines of 125%
  • Bring proof that a SNAP (Food Stamp) Application has been made
  • Complete paperwork & provide documentation of income

In order to obtain Agency services, a valid Florida ID is required. The Agency may be able to assist in obtaining a valid Florida Identification card.

Funds are provided by the Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) to address services and needs of those living in poverty in our community. Emergency Assistance is available in Indian River County only.

Poverty Guidelines 2021

2021 Poverty Guidelines for the 48 Contiguous States and the District of Columbia

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