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Early Bird

Early Bird is a child care and early childhood education program for 2-year-old children.

Exciting changes are being made for the upcoming  21-22 School Year!     

We are increasing enrollment to 16 students.  A larger classroom has become available at our St. Helen’s Head Start Center making it possible for us to double the number of  children we can serve in the program.

This is a free program for low-income families.  An investment of $6,250 will be made in the care and education of each child.  This is our first classroom for 2-year-olds as we begin the process of expanding our continuum of care to the younger siblings of students enrolled in our Head Start Program. 

Child care and education services mirror those provided to 2-year-olds under the Early Head Start Program but will be locally/privately funded.  Early Bird focuses on toddler and family development and success.  Each child will have the opportunity to reach his/her full potential.  Comprehensive services include Health, Mental Health and Disability, Nutrition, Dental, Family Engagement, Child Care, and Early Childhood Education.  Early Bird will provide a safe nurturing environment that promotes the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of toddlers. Parents will receive training and education on early childhood development, support, and referral services. 

The program follows Early Head Start Performance Standards and FL Early Learning and Development Standards.  The enriched sensory environment of the Early Bird classroom  gives toddlers the chance to learn about the world through touch, sight, sound, taste and smell.  The philosophy is teaching through caregiving. 

The classroom is located at our St. Helen’s Head Start Center, 3550 41st Street in Gifford. The program follows the 42-week school year schedule to coincide with the Head Start and public school schedule.  Hours are Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 2:45 PM.  

Until such time as we are able to secure Early Head Start funding, the Early Bird Program will be locally/privately funded.  Funders include The Educational Foundation of America, Grand Harbor Community Outreach, Hauser Family Foundation – Pat & Skip Hauser, Indian River County Children’s Services Advisory Committee, John’s Island Community Service League,  PNC Foundation, and United Way of Indian River County.

Children must be 2 by September 1.

To register your child, call 772-589-8008.